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of the school system that works specifically with foster use in san francisco schools. and they have several staff who provided a number of different services. one is a pam let. that one was described to you. these include educational type management. including with special education. they have been able to participate in 100 decision-making meetings last year. those are meetings that take place whenever we look at removal of children. one of the things that we know is that educational success and consistency is very important. they start having educational problems. it request be very demand pg. so they have been able to provide educational at the meeting or they've helped insure that they provide us with the information that we need so that we can assure that the educational needs are getting met. we also on our staff have a child welfare worker who acts as the liaison with the unified school district. they worked with the services staff and the two representatives to have a collaboration. through the part northeast are nership through the foster services. the other brochure that you are i
to those of us that pay our bills, informing us that 26 will jeopardize, if passed, our solar in san francisco, since we are supposed to be a green city. i'm just asking -- will you please consider that, and let people know and understand? people who do not attend these meetings do not know about services you provide other than challenging us for the sewage, and i would like to say that, too, while i'm on it. i have been back in my home a year, will be, on the 28 of september, and i would like to say i have been receiving my pg&e bill, and my electricity has been less than $4 a month, and this is because of the solar. people listening in the audience because they see me all the time, and i let them know that i am your ambassador, and i am requesting that everyone get solar because the benefits -- it benefits not only the applicants, but as well as our breathing, our health, and i know we had a concern about those smart meters. there were people at those hearings, and i am afraid, and a lot of people are as well but are getting sick on those smart meters. please get the information on
36 years ago or so, both of us having had a similar story. we have come here in teenagers and could not get it out of our system. we have a pretty funny business model, which is that our idea is to be there for people who come in, to look at photographs, to like them or not like them, and to a of other questions, so we are very honored. we could not do this anywhere else the way we could do in san francisco. just today, a visitor from canada talked about opening up the space in new york, also, and i said, no. it had entered our mind, yes, but we really did not feel the need to do what we do at the level we do it. we work with colleagues in new york and paris and tokyo and switzerland, around the world, and thank you. we can think of no better place to be doing business. thank you very much. to show our thanks, we published a book from the 1840's, a photograph from the george from san francisco, and i brought copies for the commissioners. thank you very much. [applause] >> i would also just like to point out that right now, the frankel gallery is coasting to a show that is four galle
of the use during its construction, a utility offered $243 million worth of improvements to dozens of parks throughout the bureau, hired and trained residence during construction, but dissipated in an apprenticeship program -- participated in an apprenticeship program, and provided education. they also have the way wall -- we've wall, which is based on a 1% fund -- wave wqallall, and ty use that money to beautify the exteriors. it forms the perimeter of the coney island water pollution prevention control plant, and it is funded through the city's mandate. you also in portland have the hydro park, which is the water facility that now serves as a public open space, and they are usually in deficient communities where there is a deficiency of parks, and the agency works with the community to create hydro parks by installing binges, walking paths -- installing benches, walking paths, and that is to give you an example of some of the programs but some agencies are undertaking and underwriting through their community benefits program. we also have compiled a list of over 80 programs that sfpuc has
, but what i heard on that day is that the cable has to run for a month and a half straight for us to get the green light for us to say we are now in the final stage with this issue of a notice with intent to cancel, but the main thing is they were very straight up claim communicating with us letting community folks know what is going on. even the governors were saying that they want the thing gone as bad as we do. with one thing, i think we want to see this shutdown on super riser maxwell's watch. she has been working tirelessly. she is out of office at the end of the year, and we expressed how critical it is that this thing shuts down on her watch. -- we want to see this shut down on supervisor maxwell's watch. last year, the use to want to kick us out of the room, and they never succeeded, but they still wanted to do that nonetheless. the other point i wanted to make was to echo ms. jackson's statements about the good faith effort approach to local hiring, a lot of us are working to strengthen and eliminate the good faith effort approach to local hiring, hopefully, to get the kind of s
to the value of having restaurant appreciation month. i certainly think it gives all of us in our districts an opportunity to celebrate the importance that restaurants play to who we are, the identity of the city, a an attraction that an attraction that people from all over the world come to visit for. i think this is a good way to a acknowledge the work that restaurants have done for the city. we established rating systems, a lot of requirements that they have met us on. i see that stephanie is here from supervisor alioto-pier's office. if you would like to add some words -- >> thank you, supervisor dufty. this is just supervisor alioto- pier's idea to recognize the restaurants and the vitality that they contribute to san francisco. it is a symbol ordinance. dph is thrilled to participate. it is quite simple, the criteria that will be developed. we look forward to developing the application process. supervisor chu: thank you. just a question from me to dph. i appreciate the sentiments of restaurant appreciation month. it certainly adds a lot to the economy and many people from many places
to use a lot of the services we currently have that they do not qualify for because they have not committed a crime. we have all of these city services but the only way to reach them is to break the law. with laura's law, we're opening up the services so that people can use them and take advantage of them without having to go to jail first. [applause] supervisor chu: i would like to ask the crowd to refrain from applause. i would like to finish a public comment. supervisor avalos: there are a lot of services the city provides that could get people into treatment that are not mandated. people can access them at various points. they can access it through police officers, resource centers, a formal network. they can get access to services. there are ways to get people involved in treatment in the city. the city has a broad array of those services. that is compared to nevada county, especially. they're concentrated around the city and allow for greater access than laura's law would create. i do not think it is an apples to apples comparison between san francisco and nevada. we do
stating my experience, which is all any of us can really do, and this is from my heart. thank you. supervisor alioto-pier: thank you. next speaker please. >> i think that'si think it is o decide for me what i need or what i want. i have been on both sides of the table in regards to this situation with mental illness. i have been labeled mentally ill. i am "mentally ill." i have lived incarcerated. i have lived in the jail system. i have been forced to have to take treatment that i did not feel was the right treatment for me. i went along with it because i was forced into the decision to be free or not be free, to make my own decisions or have them made for me. in that situation, of course i went along with the choices made for me even though i did not agree with them. i was not well at that time. i took the medication. i played the role, but i was not well. if anything, i would say the whole process made me sicker and not better. one of the things i know and have to say is that i have been working on my wellness and recovery. i have done that because i have a treatment team that u
be used to kind of fill the gaps, some of our funding gaps in some of our projects right now, and some of our smaller project back we group together. eventually, once the injunction is lifted, the court ordered injunction, we can use some of these funds for the actual construction, and we are planning on doing that, but we are still waiting for the final determination from the superior court in the state of california. supervisor chu: great. thank you. we have been joined by a joinedalioto-pier, who has -- joined by a supervisor alioto- pier who has temporarily been imported to this committee. with regards to the transportation development act funding, is this a funding source that comes in every year, generally? >> it does, approximately the same amount. supervisor chu: was very reason why we did not include this as part of the budget submission and are coming forward separately? >> i think we always do this, but i'm not entirely sure why. supervisor chu: is not necessarily important for this point, but generally, it is helpful to consider grants we know are coming in. but if it is un
of assisted outpatient treatment in the city and county of san francisco. the resolution will allow us to begin the necessary steps in coordination with city departments and the court to allow for a system outpatient treatment to the most seriously mentally ill who are unable or unwilling to accept treatment. first, i would like to thank supervisor avalos and the budget committee for restoring mental health funding. state law requires counties that implement lauras lot to fully fund a voluntary services. my hope is we can adopt this resolution along with the budget to improve -- or parts of the budget to improve the outcome for mentally ill individuals and reduce costs related to law enforcement and emergency services. the presiding judge of the viscounty stated, implementing laura's law is actually very simple. the benefit to cost ratio is all on the benefit side. the human benefits are huge, both to the consumer and the community. the cost is small and the savings are immense. as i stated at the hearing, we can look at new york where a simple law -- similar law had been fully impleme
with the world premiere of three heads, six arms. the artist came from shanghai to help us celebrate the unavailing. we had a chance to speak with him about his work. >> the san francisco arts commission is pleased to be celebrating their relationship between san high and san francisco. the shanghai and san francisco. this is a 30 relationship that stretches back to win dianne feinstein was the mayor of san francisco. we premiered a new work of art here in san francisco called the three heads, six arms. welcome to san francisco. thank you for bringing your extraordinary sculpture. can you tell me about what inspired you to create this sculpture? >> this started with some trips that i took years ago. i went to to bed and i saw a lot of statues and i started to really feel the spiritual life of people in tibet. it really inspires me and i went back to shanghai and i started the creation of this. >> we see that one of the heads of the bullet it is your face. can you talk about the significance of that? -- we see that one of the heads of the buddha is your face. >> i started doing public
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)

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